India’s Biggest Business Battle — Ambani VS Adani Controversy

Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani are the Biggest Players in the Business Landscape of India. They are also known as the Kings of Monopoly. Whichever market they enter, they always disrupt that market and become the leaders in that field and get every company that they want to get in that particular field. However, they’ve never crossed each other’s paths until now as they knew that both of them will get destroyed and their business can be destroyed but now the business battle has started which can also be one of the *Biggest Business Battle in the World* maybe it can be even bigger than business battles like McDonald's vs Burger King, Apple vs Samsung, Coke vs Pepsi.

Taking first the personal life of both the business tycoons of India and how both of them started:

Mukesh Ambani

India’s Richest Man, Son of the magnificent Businessman Dhirubhai Ambani — Mukesh Ambani is the king of his own field from petrochemicals to telecom. He has acquired a lot in 20 years after diving his stake from Reliance Industries after the death of his father. Mukesh Ambani has been the King these sectors and has said this quote that encourages everyone to do big in life- “Anything and everything that can go digital is going digital. India cannot afford to be left behind” and working upon these words he has started to get involved in the tech-related sector and has developed India’s Cheapest 4G Phone Jio Phone Next and is also working on devices like tablets and laptops.

Gautam Adani — A self-made billionaire

India’s 2nd Richest Man who is from Gujarat came to Mumbai when he was 18 to start with his journey as an entrepreneur. During his school days, Adani visited Gujarat’s Kandla Port. On that day, he decided he would also build something like that in his life or even bigger than that. From that day, he chased his dream which came true in a bigger dimension. Soon he started entering other sectors as well out of which he has invested a lot in the Renewable Energy Sector and has become the biggest Power Producer Of India. He is also part of various other sectors like commodities, infrastructure, etc. He says- “Being an entrepreneur is my dream job as it tests one’s tenacity. I could never take orders from anyone.”

The Adani VS Ambani Controversy:

Recently they started to enter in each others business and their clash is getting fueled more and more each passing day. These two men are known for their long-term vision and a lot of people like to stay away from them as they know that business is running in the veins of these two men of India. Both Ambani and Adani know the same thing but still, they are trying to enter each other’s sector to expand their reach and will definitely achieve whatever they want. This starts with the business battle between these two tycoons.

In the last General Meeting in June 2021, Ambani tried to attack the backbone of the Adani group that is their Renewable Energy Business, and announced their entry into the Renewable Energy Sector. Further Mukesh Ambani informed that they will invest $10 Billion into their energy venture to build a capacity of 100 GigaWatts by 2030. Mukesh Ambani also told that they will bring down the cost of hydrogen to $1 per 1 kg also they will produce almost 22% of the total renewable energy of India. This will create serious competition between both groups. In return, Gautam Adani announced that they are going to invest $20 Billion in the renewable energy sector which will be almost 50% more than the Ambani Group.

But still, this is not the end of this battle, now Adani replied in an innovative way and announced their entry into the petrochemical sector which is like the jewel of Reliance Group and this action has marked the official beginning of India’s biggest business battle.

After the announcement of entry in Petrochemicals, Adani also announced the formation of a Super App which was one of the projects of Reliance in which all the things that Reliance owned like Jio, Trends can be accessed in one app and all the transactions can be done in one place which can be a great asset for the people who are using Reliance Products. Now Adani has planned almost the same app under their new enterprise Adani Digital Labs where people can book flights of 7 airports, pay gas bills, and do trade with the ports using this app. This app will bring a lot of reforms and the person who does this thing first will get the advantage and might help in expanding their business to new areas.

As we know Reliance has the biggest retail chain in India in terms of revenue. Reliance Retail wants to grow to 3 times in the next 5 years and has done a lot of investment and research. But at this moment Adani took his next step and has taken steps to open Retail shops of Adani Wilmar, which is a food company of Adani Group and through their super app it will be easily sold and can flourish with their entry in retail markets.

Now again another major step was taken by Adani by entering the Media Business. A lot of people might not know that the Ambani group is also present in media and gets $200 Billion in revenue from his media business that is Viacom 18 and News 18 which operates over 53 channels in India. Adani group announced their new venture in the media sector and made Sanjay Pungalia the CEO and Editor in Chief of Adani’s media venture. Adani group can also acquire big companies like ZEE and NDTV as well.

In Dec 2021, Ambani and Mahindra joined hands to collaborate with each other in the sector of Electronic Vehicles. The tie-up between Mahindra and Reliance’s mobility brand Jio-bp will explore battery swapping solutions for electric 3-wheelers and business models. After this step of Ambani, Adani also entered the EV market and has got an official trademark from the government of India and soon will start with work in this sector. In about 2 months both of them have entered this sector and have made their business rivalry more interesting as EV’s are the future and the new things that will be introduced by these guys will be more innovative and a lot of people will like it as well. The entry of both the billionaires in this sector will give up a boom in the sector and also it can be a competition for companies like TATA, Maruti Suzuki, and other companies who are trying to manufacture EV’s as they both will make the cars that will be beneficial for the public with the help of their renewable energy and will try to win the race of bests!

This story seems to be really interesting but it has also led to a business battle that can altogether increase or decrease the Indian Economy. But for sure it will be interesting and will teach us a lot about how to enter different sectors and win there!

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Parth is a High School Sophomore who trying to find some odds and make something really big and is an Aspiring Entrepreneur, Tech, and Automobile Geek

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Parth Malpani

Parth Malpani

Parth is a High School Sophomore who trying to find some odds and make something really big and is an Aspiring Entrepreneur, Tech, and Automobile Geek

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