My Idea of a Safe and Peaceful Cyber Space

Over the last 30 years, the international security environment has been characterized by several security deficits, which are defined as a government’s inability to meet its national security obligations without external support. Intra-state, transnational, and regional actors challenge a sovereign government’s ability to provide a secure environment for its citizens. While evident in countries like Syria and Afghanistan, it is also true in the cyber world.

Transnational organized criminal groups harness the power of the internet to steal identities and conduct financial crimes; terrorist organizations use cyberspace to recruit fighters and promote their destructive deeds; countries employ cyber tools for espionage while laying the groundwork for military operations in cyberspace, and nations worry about disruptions to their critical infrastructure, there has been an increase in fake accounts which ask for money to people by pretending to be their friend or relative.

Cyber challenges like these cut across all dimensions and simultaneously cross into political, economic, and social realms. More than ever, citizens, regardless of nationality, are exposed to risks created by cyber insecurity. Reinforced by intelligence assessments, polling in the United States places cyber insecurity as a leading national security challenge and a pressing concern for citizens and policymakers alike.

Recent actions in cyberspace make it appear as if we are experiencing a dangerous trend towards more sophisticated and dangerous actions in cyberspace that could lead to escalation and eventual international cyberwar. Russian interference in U.S. elections, the Sony hack, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) espionage campaign, the wave of ransomware hacks, and the 2015 Ukrainian power outage affecting 2,25,000 customers are but a few examples of this phenomenon.

Many analysts have framed these violations as representing an era of ever more sophisticated and dangerous cyber conflict. And in this type of environment when the pandemic is going on and when on the screen everyone is reading this news and going to the pros of hacking and some people start doing it as they are hit by covid and find this thing easier to do and earn their living so they start doing hacking and cyber threats like trafficking google, edge, social networking, etc. as it provides them with more money.

But actually, it is very harmful, it is leading to misuse of cyberspace and it is really very important to understand that using it in the wrong way is absolutely a crime. My idea for safe cyberspace is that a student, child anyone should not follow the guidelines of people doing such activities, some educational programs should be created to tell people and make them understand the cons of hacking and different cyber threats, and elders should tell their younger ones to not follow such things and should tell them to come out from the best of the things they can do to stop the cyber threats, social networking sites should have a double verification of age, emails, etc. as some people type wrong age, mail address, fraud phone numbers as well and form fake account, it can be done by both a hacker or a small kid of about 8 years as he knows that social media is an entertaining thing.

It affects the mind of that 8-year-old child after seeing different types of cyber hacks which help that kid to do different things like earn money, also some kids are harassed on social networking and are forced to adopt the path of cyber threats which leads to the loss of the career from the mind of the children and they start doing those things forcefully.

All the suspicious accounts providing cyber threat hacks should be banned be it on any social networking platform. Recently Elon Musk took a great step by buying Twitter and told the board to delete all the Twitter bots which were misleading the people and were giving threats to them. More changes like this should take place in order to provide a secure environment online where all the spam accounts are deleted.

Children should know how to operate particular social networking, google accounts and should know who are good people for them and to whom they can refer for help and whom they shouldn’t. To create a peaceful environment for kids some other social networking apps and educational apps should be created for kids in which a particular age group of kids can do surfing and it should have just the information related to the kids of that particular age. Students should be taught ethical hacking in schools so that they can’t be a part of such suspicious activities in the future as they will be educated on cyber ethics.

It will help to create safe cyberspace for kids and on the other hand, they can also learn new things from the different programs. It will also help to stop cyber crimes in the future and will create a good environment both on the internet and on the earth.

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Parth Malpani

Parth Malpani


Parth is a High School Sophomore who trying to find some odds and make something really big and is an Aspiring Entrepreneur, Tech, and Automobile Geek