Web Animation Trends 2022

Just barely kicking off with the new year, the Animation Design trends are already in full power raising the game in all animation design fields. With a wonderful mix of nostalgia, movement, and open-mindedness, the trends bring more excitement for animation as well. Web animation itself is a trend that is seeing an exponential growth in popularity as integrating motion into web design becomes standard practice. This is in part thanks to the fact that animation designers no longer need to become professional motion designers or have coding skills to partake in this trend. Whatever the case, get ready for the Animation trends 2022 because this year is all about going fully experimental.

  1. Psychedelic Animations

The twisted, melting and distorted aesthetics of the 1960s made a great comeback in every animation design field. Naturally, they look even more trippy and mind-bending in motion. This trend rises like a counterculture to reflect the chaos of today and draw strength from within. The animated videos wake up our carefree spirit with incredible lucid visuals and entrancing design. Unfortunately, the trend might be too much for the wider public. Being the Resistance of all trends, it will always sneak into the periphery of the mainstream, but never in the spotlight.

2. 3D Cartoon Animations

Always evolving, 3D aims to add realism to the unrealistic. The more complex it gets, the more it aims for simplicity in shapes and colors. In 2022 the 3D trend is focused on cute round shapes with vivid contrasting colors, making them look like clay figures come to life. The result is amazing for videos and movies dedicated to children’s entertainment. It’s finally time to say goodbye to the cheap and empty-looking 3D mass-produced cartoons so we can finally appreciate that 3D can be as creative and beautiful as the 2D classics from our childhood.

3. Animated Lines

Self-drawing animated lines are a web animation trend that won’t ever dwindle in popularity. That’s because this trend is rooted in line art, which is as timeless as art itself. Sketch-like designs also have the upper hand when it comes to versatility. You can create self-drawing characters, emblem logos, wordmarks, and even backgrounds that look as if they’re being hand-drawn in real-time!

4. Morphing Animation

Morphing as a web animation trend is on its way to becoming a given when it comes to smooth transitions, even in high-speed motion animations. Morphing anything, from basic shapes to intricate logos and characters, makes room for a limitless streak of twists and turns in your visual storytelling. The particular appeal of morphing animations is that users are drawn to watching the animated loop over and over again, trying to figure out how the transitions blend together so seamlessly.

5. Custom Mascot Characters Animation

Second only to flat-style, custom brand mascots rise in full force for marketing videos, explainer videos, and advertising. Maybe not as complex as old-school mascots like the Duracell bunny, but definitely experimental and adorable. We can see the trend getting stronger especially for mobile applications that get more and more interactive each year. The mascots are specially designed to work well with the overall app design and interact with the micro UI animations.

6. Lo-Fi

Right after the experimental animation trend, it’s fitting to finish this article with the biggest of the animation trends 2022. Lo-Fi, initially referring to low-quality recording, has recently become an internet phenomenon. You’ve all seen the countless Lo-Fi YouTube playlists with downtempo beats with the occasional tape hiss or vinyl scratch. They all sound niche, but the modern revamp of the music attracts people to the point Lo-Fi became a trend. It capitalizes on nostalgia as a powerful aesthetic. Naturally, the same aesthetics from the Lo-Fi music translate into animation as well. What started as anime study girls and rainy days infinitely looping backgrounds for music compilations, is now a modern fragmented animation that purposefully lacks detail, looks gloomy and imperfect. The animation seeks to convey nostalgia, romantic melancholy, chill, and stillness.

7. Kinetic Typography

When you get used to hearing that a picture is worth a thousand words, it certainly gets interesting when you see the exact opposite. Kinetic typography is where words are the images, mimicking concepts and working like visuals. This trend is all about creativity with fonts and turning reading into an exciting interactive experience. Its popularity started mainly with lyrics music videos, but now it’s everywhere. When creating kinetic-type videos, it’s good to stick with one or two primary fonts and use stylized fonts to bring attention to certain words. It’s also wise to use an array of entering effects to keep the video engaging.

This year there has been various changes in trends from very low dull designs to very attractive designs. Animation design trends 2022 resonate with our strive to find meaning and pleasure in hard times and to break what holds us down. This willingness to gain strength from chaos and keep an open mind translates into animation with beautiful experimental creations that no longer stay bound to the indie scene only. Animation trends 2022 bring nostalgia aesthetic, imperfections, and experimental spirit.

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